3 More Inches Large Bristle Paddle Brush

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Professional hair styling brush best suited to styling longer hair for a smooth, glossy finish. A good quality brush is an investment in the beauty of your hair, it will reduce stress and damage, reducing wear and breakage.

It is 26cm long and with a head that is 12cm long and 8.5cm wide, with 2cm ball point pins and 1.5cm bristles.

The smooth and well-spaced bristles glide across the cuticle without pulling or tearing at the hair strands leaving it shiny and smooth. By minimising the stress and damage to the hair shaft, hair naturally stays healthier, thicker and ultimately longer.

Large Bristle Paddle Brush has smooth ballpoint pins that massage the scalp improving circulation thought to be important in hair production. The pins are seated in a soft cushioned base to allow free movement for gentler detangling. The added bristles allow for extra hold and control when hair is longer and less easy to manage.

    • Luxury, professional styling brush for longer hair
    • Prevents damage whilst tackling tangles
    • Ballpoint pins stimulate scalp circulation
    • Reduces breakages and split ends
    • Promotes healthy hair growth

When blow-drying the hair, keep the drier an inch (2cm) or so away from the hair and brush to avoid damage to either. To maintain and clean your brush, gently wipe with warm, soapy water regularly to remove all product residues. Do not immerse or soak your brush in water. Rinse well and allow to air dry.

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