PhytoKeratine Extreme, exceptional care for ultimate hair repair.

PhytoKeratine Extreme, exceptional care for ultimate hair repair.

Posted by Ellie Fenton on 2nd Sep 2015

We subject our hair to many types of aggressors, colouring, straightening, styling, blow-drying and natural elements such as sunlight, salt, wind and pollution.

Phyto have developed a botanical keratine capable of making up for the structural deficiencies in the cortex of hair. A key ingredient in the PhytoKeratine range of products.

Now they have added two precious active ingredients with high lipid-replenishing power, Sapote Butter and Rare Baobab Oil to create a new range - PHYTOKERATINE Extreme.


What happens when hair is damaged?

Hair is covered with a hydrolipidic film that acts as a protective shield, when this is damaged the hair will lose its moisture and lipids.

This affects the cuticle below which is covered with overlapping scales bound together by intercellular cement. The cement breaks down and the scales are separated, lifting and breaking to expose the cortex beneath.

The exposed cortex is vulnerable to damage, the protein chains of the keratin are severed allowing amino acids to escape and as a result elasticity and strength are lost.

Hair becomes porous. brittle, dull and coarse to touch and likely to break.



PHYTOKERATINE Extreme can help ultra-dry and brittle hair regains its strength and suppleness.

In tests carried out by Phyto; 33 women with ultra-dry, damaged and brittle hair used the product for 28 days and reported the following levels of satisfaction.

Hair is regenerated 91%

Hair is less brittle 94%

Hair is silky 94%

Hair is shiny 91%

Hair is soft 94%

Hair is supple 97%

Hair is easy to detangle 91%

Hair is easy to style 94%

In addition 2 out of 3 of the participants decided to put off cutting their hair.