Jane Iredale Eye Crease Brush

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Designed to fit into the crease of the eye and to result in a perfectly blended shadow. The Eye Crease Brush is shaped like a small dome with a point.

    • Thinner than the Eye Contour Brush, use when you want to make up the eye with more definition
    • Perfect for using with the darkest shade in our triple eye shadows
    • Professionals can't live without this brush

Hand-tied from goat hair.

New brushes should always be cleaned prior to use. This will remove any chemical residue left behind from the sanitising process, and prevent any possible sensitivity. New brushes often shed. Do not be alarmed this is normal and will reduce after a few cleaning processes.

Clean brushes regularly with a mild shampoo or liquid soap, do not leave to soak as this will affect the ferrule and wooden handle. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze excess water out of the brush in the direction of the tip.

Do not leave to dry in an upright position as water will run down into the ferrule causing damage and the brush will lose it original shape. Dry flat on a towel, if possible leave the head of the brush over the edge of a counter so that air can circulate evenly during drying.

Goat Hair.
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