Leighton Denny Must Have Mani Makeover

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Three essential products to maintain beautiful hands and healthy looking nails.

Must Have Mani Makeover contains:

Small Crystal Nail File in Aluminium Case - made from the finest lead crystal treated to produce the ultimate filing surface that turns the nail to dust and causes no trauma to the nail.

Trio Buffer - flattens ridges, smoothes and shines nails to a glass like finish.

Best Defence Hand Cream 25ml - Cherry Blossom - advanced, multi-action treatment cream locks in moisture, protects, nourishes and softens

    • Causes no trauma to the nail
    • Seals the free edge
    • Flattens ridges
    • Smoothes and shines the nail
    • Save £5.50 (purchased separately)

The Crystal Nail File is used like no other file, place it at the tip of the nail and lightly rub it back and forth is a sawing action; the nail is turned to dust. The file can be rinsed in warm water to clean and restore it to top performance.

Use Trio Buffer with light strokes from side to side across the nail. Use the surfaces in order 1, 2, then 3. A few strokes of 1 and 2 are sufficient before polishing to a healthy gloss with surface 3. Use only a few strokes and be careful not to over buff.

Apply a small amount of Best Defence to the hands and wrists, massage in well, paying attention to the cuticles

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