Phyto PhytoDensia Fluid Plumping Mask

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Hair Type:

Light, fluid texture mask that acts on the hair fibre to restore volume without weighing it down. Hair feels revitalised, full of body and voluptuous.

Just like your skin the scalps structure alters with age affecting the quality of the hair, it becomes finer, more fragile and devitalised, over time your hair become weaker.

PhytoDensia is an innovation in the treatment of ageing hair, acting on both the scalp and the hair fibre to recover it's body and substance.

Formulated with Veronia, a rare ingredient harvested by hand on the high plateaus of Madagascar, known for its regenerating properties and Grape-seed Extract enriched with Polyphenols an active ingredient with youth protecting properties. Together they work to fight the natural ageing of the scalp and create the conditions for hair growth that's full of vitality.

Hyaluronic Acid penetrates the hair fibre and Acacia Collagen, coats the hair cuticle to give body and substance to the hair. Together they plump and thicken.

    • Acts to improve body and volume
    • Restructures and fortifies
    • Does not weigh the hair down
    • Hair has newfound volume and lightness

Apply PhytoDensia Fluid Plumping Mask to wet hair after shampooing. Massage through and leave for 3 to 5 minutes. Comb through and rinse thoroughly.

Once opened use within 6 months.

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