Pupa Rapid Action Breast Enhancer 75ml

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Bust Firming

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Rapid intensive treatment that will improve the curvature and volume of your breasts. With regular use of this fast absorbing volumising cream for 4 weeks your breasts can gain new volume and a rounder, fuller and harmonious shape. Skin tissues become progressively firmer and toned. It is particularly recommended if your breasts are small or empty after losing weight or breast feeding.

Pupa Rapid Action Breast Enhancer is formulated with Volufiline, a precious Asian Gardenia bio-extract that helps the natural lipid storage process in adipose cells accelerating the increase in volume of the adipose cutaneous layer, helping breasts gain a rounder shape, improving their aesthetics.

Thanks to “Vit-a-Like” and Bio-Soy Complex, cutaneous tissues become progressively firmer and more toned, skin looks smoother and more even. With successive applications the breasts become wrapped in a soft comfortable film that visibly improves their appearance due to a protein extracted from Soya Beans, known for its immediate tightening effect.

    • With regular use for 4 weeks, breast can gain new volume and shape
    • Skin tissues become progressively firmer and toned up
    • The cream stimulates collagen production for firmer breasts
    • The Bio-Soy Complex forms an invisible film on the breasts to give an immediate push-up effect
    • Vitamins E & F give the skin nutrition and hydration

Apply Rapid Action Breast Enhancer to the surface of the breast, using a gentle circular massaging movement. Start with round movements at the base of the breasts and move upwards. Avoid the nipples.

Use Rapid Action Breast Enhancer twice daily for four weeks, morning and evening. Then apply Breast Enhancer just once a day as a maintenance treatment. It is not recommended during pregnancy or during periods of breast feeding. Rapid Action Breast Enhancer does not affect the hormonal system.

Once opened use within 12 months.

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